GQ Asks Flickr User to Give Up Photo for Credit Only

Finally catching up on all our favorite blogs following our extend absence and we ran across this interesting post over at Czeltic Girl. Story goes is that she was recently contacted by GQ who requested to use a handful of the photographs she’d posted on Flickr for a new feature they were putting together, a guide to New Orleans. Unfortunately, the magazine was either playing off the “print publications have no money” collective understanding or was just being cheap and told the blogger, in so many words, that they would usually not ask to use photos for free, but this time they were doing just that. What resulted was a fun response. Here’s a bit:

First of all, if you generally don’t ask for something for nothing, then let’s stick with that policy. If you’re going to be in the habit of doing that, though, then maybe skip that sentence. Secondly, you’re a major, for-profit publication. I think you can spare a few bucks for a stock photo budget. To tell me my images are worthy of publication, but only if they’re free, is a bit on the insulting side.

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