Grantland Wants to Know the Greatest Character on The Wire

We learned last week on Bill Simmons’ podcast that President Barack Obama’s favorite character on The Wire is Omar Little.

Now, the folks at Grantland have set up a tournament to determine the greatest character on the cult HBO series.

The 32-person tournament kicks off Monday and a few things immediately stood out in the seedings:

  • Jimmy McNulty is far too low as a #3 seed — you can make the argument he should switch spots with#1 seed Bunk Morland.
  • Bubbles, the lovable heroin addict, is only a #7 seed. He was a key character (and snitch) for all five seasons of The Wire.
  • Howard “Bunny” Colvin as a #3 seed?!? “Hamsterdam” and his relationship with Namond Brice were key moments in the series, but there’s no way he makes it out of the second round.

Feel free to chime in, fellow Wire fans.

By the way, Omar is walking away with the title.

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