Journalist Stricken by Alzheimer’s Planning Second Book

GregO'BrienOnPlutoOn Thursday, journalist-turned-author Greg O’Brien will speak about his book On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s. Not at a bookstore, but more appropriately perhaps, at the Alzheimer’s Association New Hampshire/Massachusetts chapter office in Watertown, MA.

O’Brien, who was diagnosed with the debilitating disease five years ago, is incredibly forthright about his condition and fate. From a great piece by WBUR-FM contributor Jim Sullivan:

O’Brien believes he has three or four “good” years left. “I fear the day when I put my fingers on the keyboard and not know what to do,” he says. “That is the day I begin checking out.”

“But let me give you the positive side: I’m going to make the next four years of my life the best years of my life. I’m going to do my best writing and I’m going to continue to get in other people’s cars. I’m going to continue to go into tremendous rages and see things that are not there and not recognize people that I know, but I’m going to make these next four years the best years of my life, because I’m not sure what happens after that.”

O’Brien, who plans to write a sequel with a slightly wider focus, worked closely on his first tome with Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice. He has written for Boston magazine, The Huffington Post, the Cape Cod Times and the Providence Journal. Read the rest of the WBUR interview here.

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