Gucci vs. Guess Copyright Battle Finally Goes to Trial

After the fun-at-times legal war between Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent ended last fall with something akin to a dull whimper, we were worried that we’d have to wait forever to have another good copyright fight between hot shot fashion companies. Sure there are your usual “small shop got ripped off by a big brand” or “big company looks like a bully for attacking a small one,” but those aren’t nearly as exciting as when two top dogs lock horns. Fortunately, we’ve been saved, thanks to an old case still simmering from the good, litigious people at Gucci. As Bloomberg reports, Gucci’s copyright infringement case against Guess finally kicked off in fine form in New York (it was originally filed three years ago but is only reaching trial now). The former is claiming that Guess had not only copied several of its products, but had also mimicked their logo on said items, all in the quest to provide their customers with Gucci-like items that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford. Seeing as the case is now at trial and wasn’t settled in a hushed backroom deal years ago, we bet you can figure out what Guess’ position in response to those allegations. For the next two weeks, the two will be battling it out, with Gucci asking for $124 million, Guess not wanting to give it to them, and we can only figure, featuring some of the best dressed attorneys and witnesses that courtroom has seen in a while.