Half Of Journalists Considering Leaving The Profession; Other Results From The PRWeek/PR Newswire Survey

Journalists may be fleeing the profession en masse this year if the 2009 PRWeek/PR Newswire survey is any indication. 70 percent of you are working longer hours this year, and 1/5 say you’re asked to do work that isn’t in your job description. (Most of that, it seems, is blogging—28 percent of journalists at traditional publications report blogging is part of their job now too, a 6 percent increase from last year.) Half of journalists surveyed say they’re considering careers outside journalism.

Journos and bloggers are still an uneasy mix: 43 percent of those surveyed maintain a blog (personal or professional) up from 36 percent last year, but almost two-thirds don’t believe other blogs are reliable sources of information; that’s 61 percent of you who “rarely or never” use blogs for research. Also, though half of the bloggers surveyed worked for traditional media in the past, only 37 percent consider themselves journalists now.

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