Halfbrick Launches CitrusJoy’s Yes Chef on Mobile

Yes ChefFruit Ninja developer Halfbrick has published a new game on mobile devices, a match-three title called Yes Chef. Developed by CitrusJoy, the game follows a culinary student named Cherry, who wishes to become a master chef, and will do so one match-three level at a time. Levels come in different base formats, and the game offers multiple upgrades for player development as the game progresses.

Each level of Yes Chef has a different overall goal and setup. Regardless of type, players swap the locations of ingredient symbols on the board to make matches of three like-ingredients horizontally or vertically. When making matches of four or five symbols, or those in the shape of a T or L, special power-ups are added to the board, capable of clearing small clusters or complete lines of symbols, or even all ingredients of a single kind when activated.

Some levels see players fulfilling guest orders in a restaurant, clearing set quantities of specific ingredients, while other stages ask players to remove ice cubes from the screen by making matches with the ingredients trapped inside (or resting next to) those cubes. Still other levels require users to drop key items, like pepper shakers, to the bottom of the screen for collection, while other stages ask users to earn a large number of points during a time limit. With the exception of the timed stages, levels in Yes Chef offer move limits, so players must complete the appropriate task, and earn enough points to unlock at least one of the level’s three stars, before running out of moves.

If players earn all three stars on a stage, they receive a medal that can be spent on various upgrades for the game. These may see certain symbols being worth more points when matched, may offer more bonus points for any remaining moves during levels, may increase the player’s maximum energy cap, or even reduce the amount of time necessary for energy to recharge.

While players spend energy to access levels, they receive it back when those levels are completed successfully. If players fail to complete stages before running out of moves or time, they must wait for the energy to recharge automatically over time, or can purchase it with real money. Players can also ask their Facebook friends to send them some free energy.

Power-ups are also available to purchase with free or premium currency before entering a stage. Depending on the type of level, these may add more moves to the level’s move counter, may increase the player’s high score for a stage, or can add extra time to the clock, as examples.

As a Halfbrick title, Yes Chef connects to the developer’s Fruit Ninja, and provides players with rewards in that game for completing specific tasks in Yes Chef. This is likely in celebration of the re-launch of Fruit Ninja as a more strategic experience just a short time ago.

Yes Chef is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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