Halloween 2014: Social Media’s Favorite Treats

Social media's favorite Halloween candy? M&Ms.


Happy Halloween! While Americans were busy spending over $2 billion on candy to stock up for trick-or-treaters, Engagor has been looking at which treats were most popular on social media. The verdict: M&Ms.

During the month of October, the social media monitoring platform analyzed the top candy brands. Out of nearly 592,200 brand mentions on Facebook and Twitter, M&Ms came out on top with 174,000 brand mentions.

Here’s how the rest of the competition fared:

  • Skittles – 116,100 mentions
  • Starburst – 83,000 mentions
  • Reese’s – 82,900 mentions
  • Snickers – 58,300 mentions
  • Butterfinger – 24,400 mentions
  • Kit Kat – 23,800 mentions
  • Hershey’s Kisses – 20,900 mentions
  • Twizzlers – 7,800 mentions

According to the data, the most popular hashtags were #ressesgameday, #teamskittles and #skittlesweb. Starbursts trended heavily throughout the month, and had the post with the highest engagement:


While M&Ms will be plentiful in the baskets of trick-or-treaters tonight, those looking for crispy M&Ms will have to go to Scottie Pippen’s house: