HanDBase for iPhone Database Syncs with Both Windows and Mac OS X

Screenshot courtesy of DDH Software
HanDBase for iPhone 4.1.0 (iTunes App Store)
…is a $9.99 iPhone app that provides a simple to use database for the iPhone. It has been able to sync with Windows-based PCs for a while. But, DDH Software just added an optional $14.99 component called HanDBase Plus for iPhone that lets you sync databases with a Mac. You can read more about this sync option at…
HanDBase Plus for iPhone
As a long-time HanDBase fan, I’m glad to see DDH Software continues to support it across platforms (it started out as a Palm OS app before being ported to Windows Mobile where I first tried it).
You can find two ancient articles I wrote for Microsoft.com back in 2001 re-published and archived (with permission from Microsoft) on Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine…
HanDBase: A “Must Have” Database Application for the Pocket PC
…and my personal MobileViews.com site…
Getting Data Into and Out of HanDBase Databases
HanDBase is one of those apps that looks like it has really held up well over the years.

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