Harvey Weinstein and His Publicist Duel Over NYT Piece

A good time was not had by all

Here’s a fascinating bit of insider Broadway gossip: on Friday, Patrick Healy of The New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein, notorious producer currently pushing his first musical “Finding Neverland,” had unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at his publicist Rick Miramontez. The subject, it seems, was a lack of prominent placements for stories about the show and its stars, Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer.

Miramontez resigned afterward and sent this email to Healy:

“If I were a headline writer, I’d go with this: BROADWAY TO HARVEY WEINSTEIN: DROP DEAD.”

He claimed that the dispute had stemmed from the fact that the musical would not get a GQ cover story and that “at this point, they don’t even want to devote a page to it” — but Weinstein didn’t want to admit this.

The man himself responded by email at 1 AM on Friday night, writing, “This is my fault for my inexperience.”

In a post published late yesterday, Healy elaborated on the drama that unfolded between the 10 PM deadline his missed and that email:

“From there began a wild 90 minutes: Juicy quotes from Mr. Weinstein followed by a response from Mr. Miramontez in one, two, then three emails. I was writing furiously and was about to file when Mr. Weinstein called back, shortly before midnight, to say that he wanted to amend his comments with some new, gentler ones about Mr. Miramontez.”

In classic egocentric fashion, Weinstein wanted to control the narrative — but Healy told him his quotes were already on the record:

“It had been a long night, but taking the time to let both men have their say – rather than filing the story quickly with just the anonymous sources – was worth the wait (and lack of sleep).”

The two pieces make for a quick case study in People You Do NOT Want to Work For.

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