The History of #Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History of #Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

The first recorded use of a hashtag on Twitter is credited to designer Chris Messina way back in August 2007, when he asked his followers how they felt about using the pound sign to group conversations on the micro-blogging platform.

And a movement was born.

Here’s the tweet:

Two years later Twitter officially added hashtags to the core of the platform, and Google+, Instagram, Vine and even Facebook later incorporated hashtags into their systems.

But here’s the thing: the hashtag was not invented on Twitter. It first found popularity in the mid-2000s within internet relay chatrooms (IRC), but the history of the symbol goes back further still. A lot further.

Check the visual below for lots of insights, which comes courtesy of Leap.

The History of #Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Leap.)

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