HeartBit Interactive Reveals Doom & Destiny Advanced for Mobile

HeartBit Interactive has announced the development of Doom & Destiny Advanced, the second installment in the Doom and Destiny game franchise, which has achieved over one million downloads worldwide. In Doom & Destiny Advanced, players control the destinies of four nerds through a quest in a fantasy world. The game is inspired by classic gameplay titles, with what the developer calls “nostalgic” graphics and animations that take players back to another era of gaming.

In Doom & Destiny Advanced, players will experience gameplay that’s described as easy to learn, but hard to master. The RPG will see players taking their team of nerds into dungeons and other locations, collecting treasures, resources and gear items to make the team stronger. Players will battle monsters to level up their heroes, and will be able to customize these heroes with more than 30 battle roles that introduce different combat styles and abilities for each character. Each of these battle roles has more than 20 special powers, which results in hundreds of powers to try in all.

In addition to the game’s single-player story, players will be able to try out the title’s cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. All progress is automatically saved to the cloud, so users can pick up where they left off on any device. The game will offer one-finger touch controls, and will receive monthly content updates to make the experience bigger and grander over time.Doom and Destiny AdvancedHeartBit Interactive has launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete the game. The campaign has a funding goal of 20,000€, or approximately $25,000USD. Once funded, the game will be released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 (for tablets), PC, Mac and Linux as a free-to-play title. If the company receives double its funding goal, Xbox One and PS4 versions will also be created.

“In the works for a few years, we’re thrilled about the opportunity to partner with contributors to deliver Doom & Destiny Advanced, part of the interactive game franchise played worldwide,” said Francesco Ficarelli, co-founder of HeartBit Interactive, in a statement.

As of this writing, the campaign for Doom & Destiny Advanced has earned 315€ of its 20,000€ goal, with 38 days remaining.

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