Heartbroken: Dick Mocked by Parody Account

Former vice president Dick Cheney had a heart transplant on Saturday. That’s a pretty serious subject but it didn’t stop DrJillBidenFake, a parody Twitter account of Vice President Joe Biden‘s wife, from laying into it anyway.

It started playfully enough with a somewhat predictable Saturday tweet: “Why did Dick Cheney get a heart transplant when he didn’t have one to begin with?” Then it progressed. “Doctors say Cheney’s new heart isn’t supposed to make him any more cuddly, so don’t get your hopes up,” the account tweeted later. Then, “What the hospital hasn’t released yet is that Cheney raised the donor on a heart farm then had him murdered.”

Our personal favorite: “Cheney got a heart. Now it’s just Rove waiting on some courage and Bush waiting for a brain.”

The love notes poured into the Twittersphere through Sunday and concluded with this one: “Santorum heard about Cheney’s heart transplant and was extremely concerned that he had a change of heart.”

Afterward, DrJillBidenFake moved on to crap on Mitt Romney for being rich and Rick Santorum for throwing “tantorums” (a type of childish fit, we gather).

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