HelpAbolish Increases Sales By $2,000, Engagement By 38% By Harnessing Twitter

The HelpAbolish (@AbolishCancer) platform connects businesses with non-profits, and harnesses Twitter and Facebook to increase engagement with their social networks. And after a small test-run in Charlottesville Virginia, HelpAbolish has proven to be a success, driving $2,000 in charitable donations and increasing engagement among consumers of participating businesses by 38 percent.

The HelpAbolish platform allows a merchant to select a specific number of non-profits to work with, and helps them promote a charitable campaign. The businesses choose a donation amount per dollar spent by the consumer, and then they tweet about the donation after it’s been made. For example, a restaurant chose to donate $5 for every $100 purchase during the week-long promotion.

Eight businesses partnered with HelpAbolish during its launch in early February.

To get customers involved in the process of choosing a charity, they were given a QR code after purchase, which linked to a unique merchant page with a list of the possible charities clearly visible.

After making their selection, the merchant would donate a specific amount to that charity. The consumer was encouraged to tweet about this donation, too, which was a crucial part of the campaign: it helped spread the news about the charitable giving by word-of-mouth.

So how successful was this 7-day campaign?

Without any paid advertising – that is, only relying on walk-in customers and what was shared via Twitter – HelpAbolish contributed over $2,000 in sales to the 8 businesses, and a total of 43 transactions in which a customer chose a charity to support.

The rate of social media sharing after a donation was 38 percent – which is very high for any advertising campaign, let alone one that didn’t actually advertise.

Tweeting after performing social good is a great way for people to not only feel good about themselves for being part of a charitable campaign, but also to help mobilize their network to participate as well.

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