Here Are 10 Must-See Stats From This Week in Digital Marketing

Entails Facebook, Tumblr, Kraft, Foursquare and Visa

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We've rounded up this week's 10 most interesting numbers from the world of digital marketing. Check them out below.

1. Facebook posts with only 40 characters get 86 percent more engagement, according to researchers Daniella Franco and Kimi Mongello. 

2. Yahoo's revenue from display ads in the third quarter, $447 million, was down 5 percent year over year. Search, where Yahoo has a deal with Microsoft’s Bing, looked much better for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company—price-per-click was up 17 percent leading to a 4 percent rise in revenue.

3. Kraft is collecting 22,000 different kinds of data from its 100 million online visits each year. The packaged-goods marketer employs such stats from 500 segments of consumers to buy ads against.

4. Tumblr now has 420 million monthly visitors and has grown to 205 million blogs

5. Two-hundred-and-sixty of the world's biggest brands are marketing on Tumblr, per Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer.

6. Visa orchestrated real-time marketing based on social data in 65 countries during the World Cup.

7. Foursquare hit 55 million registered users, increasing its audience by 15 million since roughly the same point in 2013.

8. During August—the first month it unbundled into two apps, Foursquare and Swarm—the company reported that it saw a 54 percent lift in users compared to the same month last year. Jeff Glueck, chief operating officer for the mobile-social app, explained that "a third of our users are using just Foursquare, one-third are only using Swarm, and a third are using both apps every 30 days. We really feel this confirms and validates our assumptions going into the unbundling."

9. Sixty percent of the 3,044 millennials surveyed by Cassandra Report said that they leaned on social media to follow the news, per Digiday.

10. During its third-quarter earnings report, Amazon revealed an operating loss of $544 million, more than 20 times what was hemorrhaged during the third quarter 2013.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.