Here Are the 10 Most Popular Tweets of 2018

The list has micro-influencers and visuals, but no brands

It's been a good year for the boy band BTS. Getty Images
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There’s a new top tweet in town—and this year, not one of the 10 most popular tweets of the year came from a brand.

In 2017, Barack Obama was No. 1 with his response to violence in Charlottesville, Va. This is according to social media analytics firm Talkwalker, which found Obama had three of the most popular tweets of 2018. And, in perhaps an optimistic note for mankind, the firm said none of the highest-performing tweets included negative content this year (although, to be fair, there is some salty language).

Talkwalker bases its list on the English language tweets that generate the most engagement, which means likes and retweets. It also only allows one post per user, so two of Obama’s tweets, while technically more popular, did not make the list.

The firm found micro-influencers in particular—or, you know, regular people—had a good year with five of the top 10 tweets coming from users with 10,000 followers or less. In addition, seven of the top 10 included visual elements.

Wendy’s—although technically @carterjwm—was No. 2 on the 2017 list thanks to #NuggsForCarter. And while the list this year was brand-less, it can perhaps provide some inspiration for 2019:


Coming in at No. 10 is this photo of a puppy in a seatbelt from @lyss121, which had 1.7 million likes and retweets.


Coming in at No. 9 is a video of a magic trick in a pediatrician’s office from @kostka_chris, which garnered 1.74 million engagements and had more than 30 million views.


No. 8 came from actor Chris Evans, who posted a tweet about his gratitude after he finished filming Avengers 4, which will come out in April 2019. Talkwalker said the post had 1.78 million interactions.


Twitter user @curledbitch can now claim to have bested @ChrisEvans with the No. 7 tweet of 2018, which is this duckling video, which garnered 1.83 million likes and retweets.


@Spokesmayne, who might be the first legit micro-influencer on the list, came in at No. 6 with the video of his sister giving the Grinch an onion. It had nearly 1.9 million engagements—and 17.5 million views.


@chloecopley_05’s video of an empathetic dog was No. 5, with 1.91 million engagements and nearly 20 million views.


Then came Obama at No. 4 with a tweet about young people changing the world. It had 2.06 million engagements.


Upon the death of Stan Lee, the co-creator of superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther, his account tweeted the No. 3 post of the year, which received nearly 2.5 million interactions.


Coming in at No. 2 is a video of an iguana falling off a table from @connerhallmark, which was viewed more than 26 million times and also had nearly 2.5 million engagements.


And, drumroll…

The No. 1 tweet of 2018 (at least according to Talkwalker) came from Korean boy band BTS and its response to the Drake-inspired #InMyFeelingsChallenge, which went viral over the summer. Or so I am told.

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