Here Are the 9 Most Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

Spotify booms, Snapchatters' habits and brand-safety concerns

Another big week of data points is in the books.
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The last few days have produced a great number of interesting online marketing stats. These are the nine that grabbed our attention:

1. Big audio digital
Spotify now has 140 million monthly active users, up from 100 million a year ago.

“The acceleration of audience growth is allowing us to continue to grow the ads business at a 50 percent year-over-year clip,” Brian Benedik, vp and global head of sales at Spotify, told Adweek staff writer Lauren Johnson. “Six, seven years into the advertising journey at Spotify, we’re proud of that. It’s tough to do when you get deeper into the journey, but what we’re learning is this idea of understanding people from music.”

2. Just snapping away on the couch
Greenberg Strategy dug into new granular stats specific to where people use Snapchat. Per the research, 81 percent of Snapchatters open the app at home with another 73 percent using it while watching TV or a movie. Read our full exclusive on Snapchat’s new advertiser programs here.

3. Brand safety strikes again
When companies advertise next to objectionable content, 37 percent of consumers say they rethink purchasing from those brands, a CMO Council study called “How Brands Annoy Fans” revealed. The finding appears to qualify the marketing industry’s recent concerns over brand safety.

Check out CMO Council’s infographic (and keep scrolling for the rest of the list):

4. Publishers unite for ad transparency
Speaking of brand safety, TrustX, a transparency-focused programmatic platform announced last September that includes 33 publishers, is officially out of beta. Yesterday, it revealed that a four-week test last month showed the platform has been trading more than 100 million daily impressions to 200 million monthly viewers on sites like ESPN, Business Insider, Financial Times, Daily Caller and Newsday.

5. This one is fine, thanks
Retail app marketer Branding Brand surveyed 1,000 iPhone owners, and 74 percent said they won’t upgrade to the iPhone 8 when it’s released this fall.

6. Pride views
June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and ad tech company Pixability said annual viewership of LGBTQ content on YouTube rose 76 percent in 2016. What’s more, the content is expected to reach around 5 billion views this year, according to Social Pro Daily.

7. CX on the brain
After surveying 3,500 companies, Salesforce released its fourth annual State of Marketing report, with the buzz phrase “customer experience” (or, simply “CX”)  taking center stage.

For instance, nearly two-thirds of the respondents said their team is spearheading customer experience initiatives, and 68 percent of marketing execs said they are increasingly competing on the basis of customer service.

8. Almost always on
Sixty-three percent of smartphone users worldwide look at their devices every 30 minutes, and 22 percent use their iPhones, Androids, Pixels, etc. every five minutes, per a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

9. Not invited to the “friends” inbox
Attention, marketers—you’ve been quarantined. Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed roughly 1,000 consumers on their email habits and found that 36 percent have separate Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts for brand messages. This figure jumps to 58 percent for millennials, Yes said.

Bonus stat: A grand finale, indeed
The NBA finals generated 43.1 million engagements across social media, per 4C Insights, beating the total for 2016—which also featured the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors—by about 4 million likes, shares, retweets, etc. What’s surprising about those social stats is that last year’s finals went seven games, while only five games were needed in 2017.

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