Here Are the Week’s Top Brands for Instagram Videos

The NBA once again rules the sports category

Headshot of Christopher Heine

The Golden State Warriors are currently basketball's best team with a record of 36-7. But ask any NBA fan, and they'll tell you that the Bay Area squad is also the league's most exciting.

Watching point guard Stephen Curry commandeer the potent Warrior's offense has become must-see TV for sports junkies. So when teammate Klay Thompson scored a league-record 37 points in the third quarter alone on Jan. 23, social media went crazy, and the NBA quickly posted a 15-second montage of the shooting guard's prolific outburst on Instagram.

Nearly 176,000 people liked or commented on the video, making it best-in-category in our Adweek/Shareblee weekly branded Instagram videos chart for Jan. 19-25. The NBA has out-classed the NFL and Major League Baseball on Instagram consistently for roughly 10 months, as basketball's marketers often post on the social channel several times a day. Such efforts have helped the NBA accrue 4.7 million followers, nearly doubling its Instagram audience since May.

The multimedia infographic below features eight categories (auto, beauty, consumer electronics, retail, fashion, celebrity, sports leagues and TV shows), which regularly appear in our weekly chart. Two wildcard niches are always sprinkled in, and we've chosen sporting goods/apparel and fashion bloggers for this week's edition.

Check out the fine work by the NBA and this week's other winners below.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.