Here Is How Not to Open an iPhone

Some Apple fans tend to obsess over every little detail of the experience of getting a new Apple gadget, including having a particular way in which they want to open the box. Today I bring you the tale of one new iPhone owner who can only wish he had the option of being picky.

Do you see the dog at right, and do you see the miscellaneous electronics and remains of a box? That used to be an iPhone – before it met the adorable chocolate lab.

This photo was posted to Reddit yesterday, and as usual Redditors have been contributing all sorts of suggestions on how to fix the iPhone. The leading response is “put it in a bowl of rice”, but other quips include:

  • Have you tried turning it off then back on?
  • Poor dog was probably just holding it wrong.
  • Didn’t Apple say that scratches were “normal?”

There are many more responses on the thread, including several other examples of stupid dogs doing stupid things. If you go read the thread be prepared to spend an hour laughing.

via Reddit