Here’s What 8 Digital Execs Predict for Mobile in 2015

From new data-tracking tools to growth in video

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From new data-tracking tools to the growth of video and native ads, mobile marketing has made great strides. But with progress comes new, complex challenges. It was clear from all the chatter during Advertising Week in New York last week that marketers have yet to figure out the best way to serve ads on smartphones as they navigate programmatic buying and manage the worsening problem of ad fraud. Below, eight digital executives predict key drivers of mobile commerce and content in 2015. 


Morgan McAlenney evp, Digitail practice, The Integer Group

“What I’m looking for next year is more strategic thought around how to deploy mobile in a shopping arena—not necessarily the new technologies or the new checkout system because that’s going to happen no matter what.”

Lisa Materazzo corporate manager of media strategy and digital engagement, Toyota

“We’re going to see a surge in technology that better links data sets across all of our devices. This is particularly important for the automotive sector as consumers move outside the traditional purchase funnel. We’re seeing a compressed lead time for car buyers today as they now have the ability to browse anytime and anywhere, influencing the decision-making process.”


 Carolyn Everson vp, global marketing solutions, Facebook

“For the very first time, brands are starting to see that you can tell beautiful stories on the mobile device. The brands that we’re talking to are interested in pushing , so that it’s where they’re going.” 

 Frank Cooper III CMO, PepsiCo

“You’re already seeing programmatic advertising come to mobile, [and] you’re seeing people create native content. But as you start to see third parties map indoor spaces [and] you start to see retailers put beacons on the shelves, I think there is going to be some massively interesting creative unlocked [in 2015].” 


Aaron Smith vp, innovation and mobile strategy, Team Detroit

“The last couple of years have been early testing grounds for a number of brands and products. As manufacturers, brands and marketers start to use technology to influence product development, 2015 is when we’re going to start to see the products [like connected cars] in market. Brands will be able to be more integrated into people’s lives.”

 Rachel Pasqua senior partner of mobility, MEC

“The biggest change in mobile we’ll see within the next six months will be the adoption of mobile payments and loyalty programs by both retailers and consumers. We’ve finally reached a long-awaited tipping point with beacons and NFC, and these technologies are poised to supercharge in-store sales and turn the tables on showrooming.” 

Colson Hillier Verizon’s vp of precision market insights

“The next six to 12 months will yield much better standards around identity. The fact that a cookie doesn’t exist in mobile can be solved; it’s by doing things like ID chaining or leveraging a precision ID.”



Mahi de silva CEO, Opera Mediaworks

“[Facebook Atlas] is the first salvo where Facebook is taking Google head-on. Here we are today approaching the end of 2014 where Facebook is the No. 1 player in display advertising and mobile—way bigger than Google. Facebook [moved] some key people in the organization to shepherd this effort—and from what we’ve seen so far, they’ve done a good job at that.”


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