Hey Isn’t That…CNN’s Peter Hamby in Richmond Magazine??

hamby-pr-smallHey isn’t that CNN’s national political reporter Peter Hamby in the November issue of Richmond Magazine? 

The Richmond native was recently profiled by Kate Andrews in the Virginia magazine, covering his nearly ten years with CNN. The feature explores Hamby’s time on several different campaign trails leading up to the September launch of “Hambycast,” with insight from CNN’s Washington bureau chief Sam Feist, The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin, and Hamby’s father, Bill Hamby.

Andrews writes:

“Despite his activity on Twitter and other electronic channels, Hamby wants to be out of the office and on the road, meeting people face to face, an old-school approach to journalism. On average, he’s outside of D.C. two or three days a week.”

“Even though Hamby is based out of CNN’s Washington bureau, a sleek, open-plan office with at least four or five TV and computer screens per person, his two-minute-long Hambycasts are filmed in other states: Iowa and South Carolina, so far, with New Hampshire, North Carolina and other states on the horizon. They draw on his familiarity with the campaign trail, as well as a humorous approach to the circus surrounding candidates or near-candidates like Hillary Clinton and Rick Perry.”

For the full profile, click here.

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