Hidden Camera Footage Raises Awareness of Photographer Rights Violations

As an occasionally working photographer and filmmaker, this writer has gotten questioned by the authorities why he’s taking photos, been asked to leave, and has seen a hand or two come into the viewfinder. Sadly, confrontation is like kryptonite, so backing down and running away is par for the course with him, even if we were in the right all along. Fortunately, as found by way of Design Info, there are people like Shawn Nee, who has put together the fascinating and valuable photographers’ rights site Discarted to help chronicle instances where professional and amateur photographers alike have been threatened, abused, or arrested by perhaps less-than-informed authority figures in the US. This week, Nee himself made the news with his recent run-in with two police officers after he tried to take a few photos inside a Los Angeles train station, landing in stories about the incident on outlets like MSNBC and getting into a fight with CNN‘s Rick Sanchez, who sided with the officers. The whole thing got such attention because, not known to the police, Nee was wearing a hidden camera the whole time and managed to capture the irritatingly uncomfortable event in its entirety: