Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Not a Fan of L.A. Kings Hockey Mask

Apparently there aren’t many hockey fans over at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

A representative saw a photo of Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier’s mask, which has an image of the iconic Hollywood sign — a big no-no in the eyes of the organization, which owns the trademark rights.

The chamber registered a complaint against Bernier, who has worn the mask for the last two seasons. With the season winding down, the backup netminder will have to cover the image or pay royalties.

“How much are the fees?” Bernier told Rich Hammond of the L.A. Kings website. “The fee is, I’m guessing, about $500. It’s probably $2,500 to make a new helmet. So I think you’re better off paying the fee. So I think that’s what they’re trying to figure out.”

Luckily for Bernier, he will have all off-season to come up with a new mask for the 2012-13 NHL season.

Update (7:14 p.m.):
Maskgate is over. Christine Sovich of Global Icons (the agency representing the trust that oversees the Hollywood sign) spoke to John Hoven of the website Mayor’s Manor and said Bernier can keep his mask:

“This has now been brought to my attention and we’ve looked into it further,” she began. “The Chamber has no objection to the use of it in that nature (referring to Bernier’s use on his mask). Therefore, a letter has already gone out – prior to me calling you back – letting them know…that we appoligze for the inconvenience of the original letter. The Chamber has no objection to the use. He can continue to use it that way.”

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