Hooray for Haunted Hollywood!

Entertainment journalist Valerie Tejeda has a debut novel coming out next year via Bloomsbury Kids’ Spark imprint. In the tome, titled Hollywood Witch Hunter, she touches on the idea that the Hollywood Sign is haunted by the specter of its infamous 1932 suicide victim, Peg Entwistle.


On this Hallow’s Eve, Tejeda looks a little more closely for Vanity Fair at the alleged gardenia-scented aura of the aspiring actress’ jump from the “H.” She spoke to a female jogger who saw the ghost of Entwistle last year, and reminds that many others have as well:

In 1990, a young couple hiking the Griffith Park trails stopped dead in their tracks when a disoriented blond woman dressed in 1930s clothing vanished before their eyes. Apparently, the couple was completely unaware of Entwistle’s suicide.

For what it’s scientifically worth, yours truly once climbed up to the Hollywood Sign and then, up the back of the first letter to the top of that same “H” (before the landmark was fenced and locked down). It was nighttime; there was another person who showed up and climbed up the first “O”; and at no point did either one of us see Peg. Boo.

Read the rest of Tejeda’s Vanity Fair item here.

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