The House on Usher Launches on iPad, Android Tablets

The House on Usher 2Red Aphid Games has announced the launch of The House on Usher on iPad and Android tablets. The hidden object adventure game introduces players to realtor Agent Angie Dee who must “flip” a rundown house on her first day on the job. To do so, players will clean the home, rummage through debris to find key items, and complete other tasks to increase the home’s value.

In The House on Usher, players collect key items in their environments, which are used to open up doors and other pathways, or simply push the game along. Sparkles indicate nearby hidden object scenes, which see players searching for items on cluttered screens. A hint system allows players to find hidden objects instantly, and this hint recharges over time after use. Puzzles are also available in the game for added gameplay variety.

As users complete tasks and clean the home (removing spiderwebs, bugs and the like from environments), the home’s value increases. A map shows the layout of the house for easier navigation, and each scene is marked with the number of possible items to clean, so users can keep track.

“The House on Usher has a satirical aspect that players are sure to pick up on – starting with the title, which is a clear nod to Edgar Allan Poe. We had a ton of fun thinking of ways to spoof some of the genre’s staples – like the need to investigate every nook and cranny in order to secure a high score. If you’re up for an adventure in real estate, now is the time. You don’t want to keep this house waiting,” said Brian Judy, co-founder of Red Aphid Games, in a statement.

The House on Usher is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and offers three difficulty levels for gameplay. The ground floor of the home is free and unlocked from the beginning, but the remaining portions of the home can be unlocked for a one-time purchase of $3.99.

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