How Addicted To Facebook And Twitter Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a Twitter addict? If you scoffed at this and said “no” immediately, think again: Twitter and Facebook are possibly more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, so you might be more hooked on those 140-character text injections than you thought.

This infographic comes to us from, and uses figures from a recent study to explore how addictive Twitter and Facebook really are.

Some interesting (and possibly scary) stats:

  • Of the 800+ million Facebook users, 31 percent of them check in more than once a day.
  • Half of Twitter’s 100 million users log in at least once a day, and 20 percent log in more than once per day
  • 50 percent of social media users say they check in to their favorite networks first thing in the morning
  • 16 percent say they get their daily news from social networks.
  • And the infographic has a few questions that you can ask yourself, to see if you’re among the socially-addicted, such as whether you have ever tweeted from the toilet (ew!) and how many of your Facebook friends are strangers.

    If you think you or a friend might have a Twitter problem, take a look at the infographic below… and seek help in the form of an internet detox (click to enlarge)


(Computer addiction image via Shutterstock)

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