How Do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Make Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You send a tweet, update a status, pin a picture. There are nearly infinite ways you interact on your favorite social networks. But how do these networks stay in business? Money makes the world go ’round, and even a tweet must have some financial strings attached.

This infographic from USBundles shows how the most popular social sites have become successful businesses, while still serving up those check-ins and live-stream videos you love.

Through its Venn Diagram, this infographic shows the multiple ways social networks make money.

The overlapping circles show who’s making money and how they’re doing it. The big red circle, for instance, encompasses the companies that make money selling ads. Twitter is in this circle, along with Foursquare, Yelp and StumbleUpon.

In the center of the diagram where the red circle overlaps with the big blue circle, you’ll find the companies that make money using both ads and paid customers, such as LinkedIn and YouTube.

Google exists in three circles – the red ads circle, the blue paying customers circle, and the web apps circle.

After you’ve had fun puzzling out which social companies make money in which ways, the infographic goes on to give us some pretty neat stats about the overall state of the social money-making ecosystem.

For instance, a total of 77 percent of major social networks derive significant revenue from ads, while only 10 percent are pursuing new revenue channels.

Take a look at the infographic below to see for yourself how social brings in revenue:

(Money image via Shutterstock)

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