How Do I Know If This Is The Right Job For Me?

Even when you feel like you’re one step away from financial disaster and you’ve just got to take any job to make ends meet, it’s worth remembering that a job interview is more like a date: they’re evaluating you, yeah, but you should be evaluating them too. If you take a job out of desperation and then are driven to quit three months later, it won’t look so good. So PRNewser’s guest columnist rounded up the ways you’ll know if the job you’re looking at is “the one.”

Most people will ask themselves this question at some point during a job search. In the current state of the economy, professionals feel they aren’t able to be as picky as they were in previous years. The pressing need for a paycheck deposit undoubtedly outweighs or hides any negative aspects of the job. But accepting your next position is a serious decision and it’s important to consider several factors before rushing to the alter. After all, this is the place and the people with whom you will be spending a majority of your waking hours.

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