How Many Fans Do Your Facebook Posts Reach?

Here's a quick and easy formula using Facebook page insights to determine, on average, what percent of your fans are actually seeing your content.

How many fans do your posts reach? Here’s how to find out.

Look at your page insights data and calculate what percent of your Facebook fans are actually seeing your content.

Total reach/number of fans = average organic reach per page post

The following example uses insights from a Facebook page with 5,718 fans; I took the reach statistics from the last ten page posts (feel free to use a larger sample) and got a total of 14,891. Divide that total number by the number of posts used in the sample, which in this case is 10, and you have 1,490 unique fans reached per post, on average.

Now here’s the math:

1,490 / 14,891 = .26 or 26 percent

Knowing that the reach column represents unique users and that this particular page has not run any ads or sponsored stories, we can determine that on average, each post organically reaches 26 percent of fans.

Compare this with the 16 percent average that Facebook revealed during its announcement of the new Reach Generator premium ad program.

Third party analytics can give you a much more precise average, but for the casual page admin, this is a quick and easy method to determine how effective a page is.

Readers, how do your pages’ reach compare to the 16 percent average?

Guest writer Kevin Evanetski is the founder of Social Yeah.

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