How much traffic did Facebook deliver to Bing? Very little


As Facebook reportedly drops the search results on its site from Microsoft’s Bing, it’s a little easy to see why: not many people went from Facebook to Bing results.

New figures from SimilarWeb show that Bing is No. 19 on top referral destinations from Facebook, with a paltry 0.52 percent of traffic share. YouTube draws the most traffic from Facebook of any site, at 16.62 percent of traffic share.

SimilarWeb’s Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing, Ariel Rosenstein, explained how not many people were clicking on Bing links from Facebook:

SimilarWeb data show that Facebook traffic to Bing was quite minimal. While Mark Zuckerberg talks about 1 billion searches on Facebook a day, few people were clicking on the Bing results. With the reported disconnect happening over the weekend, there was little, if no drop in traffic for’s global traffic.

Overall Bing wasn’t even one of the top ten sites that Facebook sent traffic to. earned almost 4x more traffic from Facebook than did Bing even with the partnership. YouTube, a Google company, received the most outgoing traffic from Facebook, which would explain why Facebook is looking to build their own video platform.


Overall, gets only 2.73 percent of its traffic from social sites (though Facebook is king among social sites, with 84.98 percent of desktop traffic referrals). The majority of’s desktop traffic comes directly (60.09 percent).

Here’s a look at the top traffic sources from Facebook on desktop, with Bing at No. 19:


Dayna Moon, the Sr. Director of Social at 3Q Digital, weighed in on what this move means for Facebook’s future:

This further illustrates Facebook’s goal of becoming a full-stack technology platform and sheds light on internal efforts and potentially future product releases. With the number of search queries being conducted within the native UI (1 billion a day), there is little doubt the data Facebook is accumulating now will be used to further enhance users’ experience on the platform.

Readers: How often did you use Bing search within Facebook?

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