How Not to Give an Interview (or Sing the National Anthem)

So you’ve probably heard about last night’s botched version of our own national anthem — and the subsequent apology from, depending on where you read it, “nu metaler Aaron Lewis” or “country singer Aaron Lewis” (how can one be both?!).

That’s after the jump, but here’s another example of how not to behave when the cameras are on, via Vision Vancouver and Kirk LaPointe, a former journalist running for governor of Vancouver on the brilliantly named Non-Partisan Association ticket.

We can debate how effective this “walk away” method turned out to be. Later, LaPointe elaborated on the matter at hand in a Reddit AMA, writing that he does not support current proposals to raise money for public transit via a carbon tax because “…that tax has to be revenue-neutral, and more than half of the money is returned to lower-income British Columbians. So, directing it to transit penalizes those who can least afford it.”

On second thought, we can see why he didn’t bother answering a question about who came up with a proposal he doesn’t even support in the first place. And we like the fact that he runs a blog on journalistic standards and ethics; the Ford brothers definitely can’t make that claim.

Now for that botched national anthem:

That screw-up wasn’t so bad either, really — except that the dude criticized Christina Aguilera for getting it wrong in 2011, saying:

“If there’s a single song in the history of this country that deserves no creative interpretation, it’s that one.”

Now lets talk about how the fact that Major League Baseball couldn’t afford a more expensive singer this year reflects upon its declining status in the American cultural zeitgeist.

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