Are You Addicted To Twitter? Here’s How To Find Out

The jury is out, and they’ve delivered a damning verdict: Twitter is addictive.

But how bad can it be? Twitter co-founder Biz Stone recently said that spending hours and hours on the network each and every day is “unhealthy”, but while Twitter sees around 250 million daily tweets from its 130-140 million (estimated) active users, that equates to a per user average of just 1.85 tweets per day. And it’s a lot less if you factor in the entire userbase.

Which hardly seems extreme. However, it does somewhat beg the questions: how often do YOU tweet? And how much is too much?

One easy way to calculate your monthly and daily tweet averages is through TweetStats. Just load up the site, enter your username (no password required) and away you go. I like TweetStats because it provides a lot of data, including all-time and month-by-month numbers, and you can click on any month to see your daily averages, too. You can check your own stats or those of any other Twitter profile.

For example, here are my all-time monthly tweet numbers, which goes all the way back to March 2008, and shows my all-time tweets per day average is 22.3.

However, this average is in no way indicative of how regularly I tweet now. As you can see from the chart, it took me a while to ‘get Twitter’, but once the lightbulb went on I quickly turned into a guns blazin’ tweeting machine.

In that first month, back in March ’08, I sent just one tweet. That’s one for the entire month. I upped the ante a little between April and June 2008, averaging about a tweet per day, but then disappeared completely until January 2009, when I sent a then personal record 544 tweets. This almost tripled in February, and rose every month until May 2009, when my 2,831 submissions crunched down to a head-shaking 91.3 tweets per day.

Yep: insane.

Realising how mad and counter-productive this was, I made a very conscious effort to cut back. My average for the last 18 months or so has been around 200 tweets per month, or approximately 6-7 tweets per day.

Here are my stats for February of this year:

Cutting back in this way freed up my time but also had a very positive effect on my follower count, which I documented here. It’s worth a read if you’re a heavy tweeter but are having problems growing your network size.

Check out TweetStats, and then hit the comments to tell us how often you tweet each day.

(Twitter bird image via Shutterstock.)