HOW TO Connect Your LinkedIn Profile With Twitter For Better Networking

Both Twitter and LinkedIn are great for networking with professionals, co-workers and business associates. But rather than flipping between the two networks, they’ve made it easy to connect to one another in order to leverage both at the same time. Here’s how.

LinkedIn has a dedicated Twitter application which allows for quick and easy integration of your Twitter account into your LinkedIn profile.

Housed in the LinkedIn learning center, the Twitter app enables users to post their LinkedIn status to their Twitter followers, their tweets to their LinkedIn network, or both.

The app allows very fine-grain control over which tweets/LinkedIn statuses you share with your other network.

You can choose to share all of your tweets as LinkedIn status updates, or only those which contain the hashtags #in or #li – a great way to automatically select tweets to share without having to copy and paste each tweet manually. The app also allows users to tweet LinkedIn status updates on their Twitter account.

And the app even has those overly-indulgent content sharers in mind: you can hide any individual’s LinkedIn status updates from your home stream just by hovering over one of their updates and clicking “hide”. This is great if someone is pushing all of their 20+ daily tweets to LinkedIn.

Another useful feature of this LinkedIn Twitter app is the insight into which of your LinkedIn connections you are currently following on Twitter, and which ones you are not following. It’s a great idea to dig into this number on the “Connections” tab on LinkedIn, and follow anyone who you aren’t already following on Twitter. This can serve to strengthen your professional network on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition to (or as an alternative to) following your LinkedIn connections on Twitter, you could create a Twitter list that you update with each new LinkedIn connection. This will show you all of the Twitter updates from your LinkedIn network without cluttering up your home timeline.

Know of any other ways you can connect your LinkedIn profile with Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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