How To Download Fan Fiction as eBooks

Fan fiction writers and readers can now download their favorite fan fiction works to read later on an eReader, smartphone or tablet. We’ve outlined the simple steps below, with pictures.

Thanks to the simple FanFictionDownLoader plug-in for Calibre, you can make easy-reading copies of fan fiction from the Internet. The program will allow you to find an eBook format that works in all major eReading devices.

Follow this link to see the long list of sites that work with the Calibre plug-in, including these five popular sites: FanFiction.netFiction PressTwilightedFicwad and Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

How To Download Fan Fiction as eBooks

1. Install Calibre on your computer.

2. Download the Calibre plug-in for FanFictionDownLoader.

3. Install the plug-in in Calibre and restart the program. If you don’t know how to install and use plug-ins for Calibre, Jane Litte has an excellent primer over at Dear Author.

4. Visit a fan fiction site like FanFiction.netFiction PressTwilightedFicwad and Harry Potter Fan Fiction and find a story you want read on your device.

5. Highlight the URL of the complete story and click copy.

6. Click on the FanFictionDownLoader link on your Calibre dashboard and select “Add New from URL” button. Here’s an image:


7. Paste the complete URL into the box, select your desired output format and press “OK.” Here’s a picture of the URL pasting box:

8. Calibre will download a copy of the fan fiction story as an eBook in your Calibre library.