How to Handle a Boss Who’s MIA

In our three part series concluding today about handling different kinds of bad bosses, the opposite of the micromanager rings true.

That is, the laissez-faire boss is often MIA. They don’t give directions and don’t give feedback. Although it may feel like they’re ignorant and you’re constantly playing guessing games, fret not.

As pointed out in the Fast Company piece, it’s game on: If you get unclear goals, ask for clarification. Get specifics, get deadlines, get more information. If you’re confused or don’t have all the information you need to do your job, ask. Be assertive and step up to the plate; you have no other choice.

Also, instead of waiting to complete a project only to get insufficient feedback, try scheduling progress report meetings with your boss to create face time and guidance along the way.

As advised in the piece, “Be specific about what you need and how your boss can be helpful. If your boss still ignores you at this point, look elsewhere in the organization for mentors who can provide you with some form of guidance.”