How to Import Your Blog into Your Facebook Public Profile

When Facebook redesigned the site last month, it relaunched its Pages product, which businesses use to build their Facebook home pages. With the redesign, Facebook aimed to make Pages behave more like regular Facebook profiles, with the Wall presenting users with a content stream of posts (links, notes, status messages, etc.) published down the center of the page. While fans of the page might choose to post something on the Wall, the company will often seed it with their own content to spur discussion and engage users.

In that regard, many Inside Facebook readers have asked about the best way to automatically feed blog posts from their company website to their Facebook page. Below, we’ve chronicled the easiest way to do it. We also give our thoughts on whether it’s best to set up the automatic feed via the “Notes” application, or to post information manually with the “Links” application.

How to import your blog to Pages (public profiles):

1. In the “Applications” menu in the bottom left corner of your Facebook page, choose either “Ads and Pages” or “Page Manager” (it may or may not be in your bookmarks – you may have to find it in the Applications menu).

2. Choose the “Pages” menu item at the top, and then click “Edit Page” next to the page you want to import your blog into. You should then arrive at the main administrative console of your Facebook page.

3. About half-way down the page, you will see the “Notes” box. Click on the pencil symbol in the upper right corner of the Notes box, and choose “Application Settings.”

(If the Notes application isn’t present in your Page Manager, add it by going to the Notes application here, clicking Add to Page, and choosing your Page.)

4. You will then be brought to the “Import an External Blog” page. Paste in the URL of your blog. You must check the box that reaffirms you have the right to be publishing that content. Click “Start Importing.”

5. Now, you will see a preview of your posts that Facebook imported from your company blog.

6. To make it permanent, you must scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a button to “Confirm Import.” The automatic feed will not be complete until you confirm it.


If you’re pressed on time, or you blog frequently, then setting up an automatic blog feed to your Facebook page might make the most sense. But we believe the Notes application limits user engagement with your company page for a couple reasons:

  1. When Facebook users click on a post that was imported automatically, they are not brought to the blog post at your company website. Instead, they will be directed to where the post resides in the Notes application inside Facebook.
  2. While there is a link that directs users to the “original post,” it’s not prominently shown, making it difficult to redirect Facebook users to your own site (where, ideally, they can interact with your products more deeply).

As a result, you may find it more beneficial to post manually via a status message or the “Links” application. It will take a little extra effort on your part, but we think it could yield better results.

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