How To Make An iPhone App Using AppMakr

Making an iPhone app does not have to take forever and it does not have to be expensive, thanks to tools like AppMakr. The service lets you build and maintain an app for free, or for $79 a month with additional services.

The catch is that the app will have ads, but the premium model lets you make an ad-free version. The premium model also adds new features like the ability to customize layouts, customize wallpaper videos, add sub-feeds and swap out live feed content.

Here’s our step by step guide to building the free version.

1. Choose Application Template. It works for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In this instance we tested the iPhone app.

2. Enter a url, RSS/Atom feed or Search Term. AppMakr will search the web for content you can use. We used our blog’s website.

3. Click the ‘Create app’ Button. This feeds content from the web into the page, which makes the next few steps very easy.

4. Choose Your App Style. You can choose, Classic Navigation or Premium, we went with the classic version).

5. Name Your App. It is already naming it for us based on our site name.

6. Choose a logo. Again, it has already pulled our logo from our site, so we just select the image that it suggests.

7.Choose an app splash screen. Again, it has content from our site, so we just picked the photo that looked best.

8. Add Tabs. You can choose to add RSS feeds and photo albums which show up as icons at the bottom of your screen.

9. Customize. Here you can add any images, logos, etc. and even go in and mess with your Twitter and Facebook developer keys, though this is not necessary.

10. Add push notifications. AppMakr will let you test this feature. The first 100 are free.

11. Add App Info. Here you can give the app a title, description and support contact, as well as AppStore URL (once it is published).

12. Decide which version you want, free or premium.

13. Publish your app. If you have an Apple developer account key, you can enter it here. If not, you can generate a request a certificate within the Apple Developer Provisioning Portal.