How to Motivate Your Team After a Setback

generationsMotivating a team is one thing, motivating it after a setback is another.

A reader writes into The New York Post asking about how to boost the morale of his or her team. They worked “long and hard for weeks on a project,” only to have their boss criticize the end result without any acknowledgment of the hard work.

Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes that effort definitely deserves recognition.

He adds:

“There are many situations in which the effort that goes into trying to produce something is as important as the outcome — or, at the very least, deserves recognition.

Effort should be appreciated and acknowledged, but at work the bottom line is results. Anyone can try — and try hard — but long-term career success is based on succeeding, not trying, and that’s what you should focus on.”

So, focus on succeeding instead of effort. And in hindsight, maybe directions and expectations from upper management were unclear. He adds, “But too many people confuse activity with value — and getting an A for effort ended in grammar school.”Our two cents? Motivate the team by having a meeting. Speak from the heart, tell them you’re in this together and that you recognize their hard work. Get feedback from the executive who wasn’t exactly thrilled with the end result. This insight will help the team bolster its success and winning attitude at the next attempt. And when all else fails, feed them. Bring food to the meeting and again, recognize their talents. Build them up.

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