How To Add Google Maps To Your iPhone 5

The biggest complaint about iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 is the lack of Google Maps. To help you return your new iPhone to mapping bliss, Japanese developer Katsumi Kishikawa has created a new app called ClassicMap, which essentially runs Google Maps on the new phone.

Cult of Mac explains how it works: “It’s a wrapper for map data culled from elsewhere. Its ‘Standard’ mode shows you the same maps data that Apple’s own much-derided Maps app shows you in iOS 6. But flip up the bottom-right corner and tap ‘Classic’, and suddenly you’re back where you were in iOS 5: it looks, and behaves, like the Maps you knew and loved. The ones that Google created.”

It’s not without its problems though. The app is a bit slow, has search issues and it lacks the ability to create directions. But we can always hope for an update. (Via Gizmodo).

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