How to Rock Your Twitter Profile Pic

While your Twitter handle or username is an important identifier, your profile pic is a lot like speed dating – you’ve only got a couple of seconds to make an impression.

So you’ve got to choose wisely. Think about your business or product (even if you don’t have a product, you’re a product) and what you want it to say –friendly, professional, funny (appropriate if you’re a comedian or selling a product like Poo-Pourri), etc. It doesn’t have to be a headshot, though you’ll find these are the most common. If you’re a real estate agent, for example, perhaps you’ll want a picture of a house or “Sold!” sign. Or maybe you’ll want one of yourself smiling, showing that you’d be the perfect choice for selling my home.

Once you’ve decided on the right photo, you’ll want to crop and edit it so that it shows you in the best possible light. You can do that in camera and computer editing programs or simply enter your username at Twixenate, an online twitter profile picture editor and it will allow you crop and flip and even add embellishments such as snowflakes and a santa hat, if perhaps you specialize in exceptional delivery service during the holidays.

Because I am my product, I am selling myself with my photo. I am competing with a large group of folks vying for writing, editing, teaching and design jobs, so I have to try and woo you with my professionalism, dependability and experience. I can’t really convey these traits through my photo, so I try and post a picture that conveys that I’m warm and friendly. That will hopefully get you to look at my website and credentials where I can convey all of those other things. Because I write, teach and do a lot of things, I always choose a photo of me just smiling. But if you specialize in one area, you can play that up in your picture.

Lots of food folks take pictures of food and let that speak for them – otherwise, you’ll see a lot of them taking a bite out of something, often a burger or something sweet like a cupcake. Same goes for the fashion crowd. You’ll often see a rack of beautiful clothes or a single shoe as someone’s pic. This lets you know what they’re all about in one quick moment.

And that’s what is of the utmost importance here. When you’re scrolling through your feed, you’ll get to know your peeps through their photos and handles. These identifying factors will burn themselves into your brain. And you’ll know just by their photo whether their tweets are worth slowing down for and reading.

So pick a photo that will stop someone to take a moment and read what you have to say or check out your websites and blogs. Smile, pose or find an image that best represents you.

Welcome to modern business card.

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