How To: See why you were targeted for a Facebook ad


Facebook ad targeting methods are getting more advanced, but occasionally, people will see an ad that seems incongruous with their preferences or information. The good news? You can see how an ad was targeted at you. Here’s how.

On desktop:

For News Feed ads, click the little arrow on the top right corner of the post, then select “Why am I seeing this?”

From there, you can see why the ad was targeted to you. The screen also shows more about the advertiser and gives you the opportunity to change your Facebook ad preferences.

AdChoicesScreenYou can also see why ads on the sidebar were targeted at you in similar fashion.

When you mouse over a sidebar ad, a little X box will appear in the top right corner. Click it to reveal the ad options.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.53.24 PMOn mobile:

Tap the arrow on the top right corner of the ad, then tap “Why am I seeing this?” This action will lead to a similar screen where you can update your ad preferences and learn more about the targeting that led to the ad being delivered into your News Feed.



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