How to Sound More Powerful on the Job

megaphoneDo you have a deep, distinctive voice? Or maybe you have a mouse-like voice and want to be taken more seriously at work?

Whatever the tone, according to a new study power has a sound. If you feel powerful, you can actually subtly change your voice.

Researchers from San Diego State University and Columbia Business School revealed we know power when we hear it. And in turn, we can alter our voices to seem more powerful to listeners.

Per researchers, our voices tend to shift ever so slightly in pitch, loudness and tone depending on whether we’re talking to a child, boss or friend.

In one study it was determined that participants who portrayed high-power roles in negotiations spoke in a higher pitch. Not only that, their voices became more monotone as well. Essentially they exuded energy in a monotone fashion. This was consistent for both men and women.

In another experiment, listeners were able to associate roles by the voices. That is, they associated power voices (think increased pitch and loudness with more variability within volume) with power roles.

Their ultimate conclusion? You can make yourself sound more powerful.

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