How To Succeed At Facebook Page Marketing

If you want your fans to see your posts and interact with them, and if you want your page to be a positive place that helps you get more business, this post is for you.

If you want your fans to see your posts and interact with them, and if you want your page to be a positive place that helps you get more business, this post is for you.

How you manage your Facebook page is critical! If you do it well, the benefits are:

  • Engagement: Greater interaction
  • Visibility: Facebook shows your posts to more of your fans
  • Free fans: You get more fans for free — one Fortune 1000 company combining good advertising and engagement tactics got more than half of their fans for free.
  • Testimonials: Your fans become so positive that they give spontaneous testimonials which convince fans who are still just prospects how great you are
  • Reputation protetction: Overwhelming positivity on a fan page wards off negative attacks from critics and provides volunteer defenders

But if you post haphazardly, with no plan and no best practices, the risks are:

  • Silence: Your posts are ignored
  • Invisibility: Fewer fans see your posts (as few as 20 percent)
  • Higher costs: Your fan acquisition cost can be doubled because you miss out on the word-of-mouth potential

Underlying this fan page marketing strategy is the fact that: Your Facebook page posts are unlikely to be seen by fans who never like or comment on your posts.

Have you ever thought, “Oh, hey I haven’t seen so-and-so on Facebook lately!” and you go to their page and there is plenty they’ve posted that you haven’t seen?

You haven’t interacted with them enough for Facebook to know you care. So you comment or like something they’ve posted, and next thing you know, you’re seeing them in your news feed again.

That’s EdgeRank. Like it or hate it, you need interaction to remain visible.

Arousing Fans’ Desire for What You Offer

Don’t forget that all Fan Page Marketing is in the “D” phase of the AIDA marketing process.

Your job as a Facebook page marketer is to stimulate discussion and arouse DESIRE so that people are more likely to take action and buy or become a lead. In Social Media, strong sales messages are turn offs, so you need to work harder on the DESIRE phase.

How To Get More Interaction On Facebook Pages

With that in mind, how can you increase fan interaction with your Facebook page?

  • Questions
  • Contests
  • Interesting Content
  • Formulas

Ask Questions

Keep it simple (I like to call Facebook Marketing “No-Brainer Marketing” because complexity blocks comprehension and responses) and ask them about the Dream.

What is the Dream? It’s what your product or service makes possible for them. It’s not just the “benefits” aspect of copywriting terminology, but how they’d like their life or business to be and that your offering helps make possible for them.

For example: if you’re in real estate, instead of just talking about houses, talk about living by the lake, or living on the ocean, or a great safe fun neighborhood for kids. You might then ask questions like:

  • What do you look for in a neighborhood for your kids?
  • Would you enjoy living on a lake? Why or why not?
  • Woohoo! Walking from my house to the beach with my boogie board! What would you do at the beach today if you lived on the Ocean?


I’m not a big fan of contests for fan building, because unless the contest is built to only attract relevant fans, you get a lot of untargeted prize-seekers who probably aren’t your real prospects.

Facebook ads are the best way to get more Facebook fans. Our Facebook marketing students who get profits all have used Facebook ads to target only people who are good prospects for their offerings.

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