HTC Touch Diamond2 People Search Interesting But Not as Efficient as Built-in Windows Mobile Mail Search

YouTube video courtesy of HTC
HTC demonstrates their proprietary (only available on HTC devices) value-add feature that lets you search for email from specific people by starting with their contact photo. This is an interesting feature. And, it probably has one of those wow factors when demonstrating it to people because of its visual aspect.
However, it turns out that all Windows Mobile smartphones have the ability to search through email names and subject lines much faster and more efficiently than using HTC visually-cool but potentially slow method. Here’s how you do it:
– Go to Messaging (email) and into the Inbox you want to use to find an email message
– Use either a physical QWERTY keyboard (if available) or bring up any of the on-screen input options (handwriting, soft keyboard)
– Start typing a name or keyword (you do not need to specify which it is )
– Look at the screen as you type. Messaging will filter your email to only display a name or subject line keyword that matches characters as you type them on the screen or physical keyboard
This is a very fast way to search through email on Windows Mobile smartphones.

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