Huffington Post Has The Final Word On Susan Boyle

The other day this fishie got good and mad at our friend Ciaran for saying Susan Boyle had a face that frightens small children. She has a sweet, matronly face, we declared! Kids like that sort of thing! It’s harpies like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan that the whippersnappers should be scared of.
So as soon as we saw the Huffington Post article by Andy Borowitz on Ms. Boyle, we sent it his way. It’s recommended reading for you, too. An excerpt:

Jenifer Genterson, a news anchor from Abilene, Texas, is just one of a chorus of beautiful TV talking heads who have been startled and inspired by the surprising presence of talent in an ugly person.
“In the TV business, we’re told that beauty is everything,” Ms. Genterson said. “But Susan Boyle has shown us that ugly people have the right to live, too.”

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