Hulk Hogan Content Update Comes to Crazy Taxi: City Rush

In one of the more unique crossover events in recent memory, iconic wrestling personality Hulk Hogan has teamed up with SEGA for a content update in Crazy Taxi: City Rush on mobile. This update, called the Hulkamania Takeover, will see players given the ability to hire Hulk Hogan as a taxi driver on their crew, receiving bonus fare for every crash, smash and user pickup made with Hogan behind the wheel. In addition, this update introduces new video replay-sharing abilities via Kamcord integration, and will allow users to win themed merchandise or in-game premium currency for sharing video replays with their friends.

Players can hire Hulk once for free to start, or additional times for premium currency. Gamers can also watch videos to unlock the Hulkster for free for additional runs. The more rounds players complete with Hogan as their driver, the more they fill a rewards bar, which eventually gives them themed content for their game, like a Hulkamania decal for their taxi, red and yellow tires, and even Hulk’s mustache.

With the game’s new Kamcord integration, users can share video replays of their runs with friends. As part of this new update, players are encouraged to tweet their ride videos to Twitter using the hashtag #CrazyTaxiHulk to be entered into a contest for Hulk Hogan themed Crazy Taxi: City Rush merchandise. This includes iPhone 5 cases, concept art posters, or in-game premium currency, among other rewards. New winners will be chosen each week for the next month, with the grand prize being a signed Hulk Hogan Crazy Taxi: City Rush taxi.

“I carefully choose my projects and what I align the Hulkamania brand with,” said Hulk Hogan, in a statement. “Crazy Taxi City Rush is a natural fit as it truly compliments my fun, larger-than-life attitude with such an iconic brand. Can you handle the Hulkster when he’s driving your taxi, brother?”

Outside of this Hulkamania Takeover, the overall game has been updated with full controller support and the ability to share screenshots of one’s taxi with friends.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.