‘The Hunger Games’ is Officially Everywhere

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The Hunger Games is in full effect! Our nerd heart is all a-flutter.

So in case you’re not cool, the new film based on the mega-popular dystopian teen novel of the same name, is opening around the world next Friday. But before that can happen, everyone is riding the wave of anticipation.

There’s nail polish, socks, even a crossbow for sale. Next week is Hunger Games week on Good Morning America, with three of the movie’s stars are doing interviews. A “5 Things You Need to Know” is already on the GMA/Yahoo website. (If you’ve read the novels, you already know these things.)

And for Lionsgate, there’s talk that this movie is going to push it into the big leagues.

“Tracking for the film has been sizzling, with theaters from Ammon, Idaho, to New York City already reporting sell-out crowds for most midnight shows,” writes Reuters.

And, not to repeat the mistakes of John Carter, the marketing is being praised.

“Despite the relatively tight budget, rival studio executives praised Lionsgate’s marketing of the film, noting that while early tracking shows massive awareness among women, it also suggests substantial male interest and the potential for a four quadrant hit,” the story continues.

As for the movie itself, the reviews are already positive. And at international premieres for the film, our “girl on fire” Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), has been stunning us (and making headlines) with her fashion choices.

We’ll be wearing our mockingjay pins to a screening next weekend, if we can still get a ticket.

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