IDEO’s Planning a Quickie and You’re Invited

The too-smart-for-their-own-good kids at IDEO are organizing what they’re calling a unique event celebrating unusual, stimulating thought and behavior.” And they’re calling it a Quickie. Stimulating, indeed.

Rapid-fire talks, performances, music and mind-candy are guaranteed from Wired’s Chris Anderson, Toychestra, 826 Valencia, Pixar’s Teddy Newton, the 25-woman choir Conspiracy of Venus, Jane McGonigal from the Institute for The Future, Visionary State author Erik Davis on Californian cults and someone called The Mighty Stallion. Stimulating, indeed.

For a good time, head to IDEO’s San Francisco office on June 6 from 6pm – 9pm, which is located at Pier 28 Annex The Embarcadero, San Francisco. Tell them you heard about it on UnBeige to get in. Actually tell them that UnBeige wants to know more, lots more, about this Mighty Stallion.

A full paragraph of additional directional information follows, for those who have problems finding their Quickies.

IDEO is located near Red’s Java House at Pier 28 Annex The Embarcadero under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Allow time to find us and please park your car in the metered zone in front of IDEO. We are located in Pier 28 Annex on The Embarcadero (this looks like a huge warehouse and is beige… our front door is painted red). Please note that we are NOT near Pier 39 we are in the other direction near Pac Bell Park.

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