Entertainment Journalists Wonder: Did BoxOfficeMojo Hit a Paywall?

Normally on a Saturday, entertainment journalists with a professional interest in weekend movie box office grosses would be happily checking the website boxofficemojo.com. But as first noted by TheWrap, since Friday, the seminal industry-stats site has been down.

These same entertainment journalists have taken to Twitter to speculate what might be going on. Although it’s still possible, per an early default message that some saw at boxofficemojo.com Friday morning, that this is simply downtime, in the absence of the PR word from Amazon, IMDb and critical employees, the Friday-Sunday handicapping has turned to a different kind of economics:






Again, it’s entirely possible that soon after this post, boxofficemojo.com will be back and freely accessible. As we were writing the item, the URL flow changed from an IMDb re-direct to a blank white page. It’s a cliffhanger, folks.

Update (October 12):
Following the Saturday return of BoxOfficeMojo, albeit initially without real-time data, the man in charge today has tweeted the following:


@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.