Imgur’s Office Vibe Is Fun and Funky, Just Like the Internet’s Favorite Photo Platform

If you ever want to know what the kids are up to these days, head over to Imgur. The 6-year-old image-sharing and hosting community is home to millions of images, curated in real time by Imgur's expansive community through a process of sharing, commenting and voting. A favorite among Reddit users, Imgur is the most popular image-hosting site out there. Its cheeky giraffe mascot Imguraffe was born out of an April Fools' joke and now serves as a theme in the company's San Francisco headquarters.

Beyond giraffes, the office vibe is geared toward cultivating employees' individuality. "The office is Imgur incarnate!" said Imgur's director of people ops Jill Kelly. "We like to have fun; just scour Imgur to understand—like the users on our site, our employees are witty and at the forefront of modern humor, and that is reflected all over our office. The wide-open spaces encourage collaboration, and our many break-out areas promote innovation. Imgur is all about connections with people, stories and images, and our office space is designed to create those same connections among our employees."