In-Stream, In-Article Video Ads Added to Facebook Audience Network

Video ads are now available via Facebook Audience Network, in both in-stream and in-article formats.

Video ads are now available via Facebook Audience Network, in both in-stream and in-article formats.

The social network announced in a Facebook for Business post that in-stream video ads on Facebook Audience Network will run before, during or after (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) video content on third-party applications and sites across mobile and desktop.

In-article video ads on Facebook Audience Network will appear between paragraphs of text and auto-play when at least one-half of the pixels are available, but users must opt in for sound. Facebook said its Instant Articles will be the first place where these ads are available.

Advertisers can take advantage of these offerings by leaving Audience Network checked in the placement section when creating or editing their ads, and Facebook said the new options will be available to advertisers everywhere over the next few weeks.

The social network added in the Facebook for Business post:

Advertisers want their videos to reach more of the right people in more places. That’s why today we’re extending Audience Network to include videos from advertisers looking to drive brand outcomes. Now, in addition to watching these videos on Facebook and Instagram, people will view them on the other apps and sites where they spend their time.

Introduced two years ago, the Audience Network is a collection of apps and sites that advertisers can use to extend the reach of their Facebook and Instagram ads. These third-party apps and sites have a wide reach and account for nearly 6 percent of time spent on U.S. mobile apps (comScore, September 2015). The Audience Network has historically focused on direct-response ads, both image and video, but now, it offers a solution that optimizes results for marketers focused on brand awareness and recall.

With more places to deliver content, we can better maximize value for advertisers that want more brand exposure through video. Globally, advertisers that opt in to the Audience Network can generate approximately 10 percent more incremental reach than using mobile News Feed alone (Facebook internal data, May 2016). Plus, we increase our ability to show the most relevant ads to each viewer. If your targeted audience spends more time in a particular app than on Facebook or Instagram, your video will be shown in that app more often.

Early tests indicate that advertisers gain lower cost per view by enabling all their videos to show on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. This added value to both businesses and people aligns with our philosophy for building advertising solutions.

Advertisers: What are your initial thoughts on in-stream and in-article video ads in Facebook Audience Network? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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